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Why Choose Us?

After 30 years, there’s not much we don’t know about rendering.

Rare knowledge and skills

The average renderer has 5 years of experience. And today’s apprentices aren’t taught half of what was taught 30 years ago to A1 Render Plus owner Ross. That’s just a bit more hands-on experience than the average renderer.

You might not need the depth of our skills to get your job done - but you’ll get your job completed to the good old-school high standards.

And when you happen to have a high-value home where the owners demand something unique - where the tiniest details are noticed, you can offer them our premium services, such as:

  • Perfectly straight, clean rendering (hand screeded)
  • Glass finishes
  • Hard plastering
  • Artistic, natural, high-grade finishes (such as our Giorgio Graesan range)


Whatever the size of your job, from a 70-apartment, 3-storey building, to a single storey home, we can handle it. Think of us as a finely tuned machine. You’ll often find us smoothly coordinating 10-15 teams, to service multiple projects at any one time. If we say we can do it, you can bet we’ve got it sorted.

Quality assurance

Over the years, we’ve found the best way of getting things done fast while working to a high standard. Our team of supervisors will regularly visit your site to ensure you receive the highest quality of work, care, and efficiency, no matter how many jobs we are working on. 


Need a team at short notice? Give us a call. We’ve been around long enough with a strong network. That means you’ll get a reliable team who’ll get settled and working on your site quickly. We’re used to tight schedules. When we say we can make it happen, we can.

On time

Building projects are on tight schedules. Any blowout can cost you time, money, and stress.

When we take on your rendering job, be assured our eye will never leave the clock - while making sure you get the high quality of work we’re known for. We’re known for being efficient yet thorough. So you stick to your schedule - and budget.

Repair service

It’s often easier to install new render than repair. We do it because after 30 years of experience in the industry, we know enough - and care enough - to properly repair rendering so you don’t have to think about it again afterwards. 

Fully insured

We have fully public liability insurance for your peace of mind. What’s more, we take safety seriously: all jobs comply with safe work practices. A Safe Work Method Statement is developed for your job - and guides our work. It’s not worth taking risks with people or property.

Problem solvers

You’re stuck - and every minute the build is held up, is expensive…  a blowout can blow your budget and timelines out.

How do we stop water coming in?
How do we fire-rate?
How are we going to meet target after that mess?

If there’s a problem, we can fix it. You call us for rendering - yet our knowledge and skills extend far beyond rendering. We know what material to put where, and how to get it right. We’ll get you the next stage of construction faster with our well-rounded experience of the building process - and knowledge of how to get a quality job done.

There’s nothing that bamboozles us.

Competitive rates

We offer competitive rates for a high quality job that gives you good value for money.

We don’t take shortcuts.
We don’t skimp on quality.
We don’t compromise safety.
We won’t take on a job unless we can do the job well.

It’s why our rates are competitive. Yet we’re not the cheapest, because if that’s your biggest priority, we’re not a good fit for you.

Strong, long-lasting business relationships are what we’re after. Based on good pricing and consistently exceptional work. It’s why our customers return to us for their next build. And the one after that.

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