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Rendering Services

Render and texture services

Choose from a range of render and texture options:

  • Acrylic rendering
  • House rendering (internal and external walls)
  • Traditional stucco
  • Commercial rendering
  • Solid plastering
  • White set hard plaster application
  • Architectural mouldings

Rendering services

We offer a wide range of rendering services to suit both small and large jobs:

  • Design advice
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Repairs (Render repairs, architectural moulding repairs)
  • Maintenance

Trustworthy rendering

Responsive and reliable rendering service:

  • Capacity for large commercial and industrial jobs
  • Competitive rates for high quality work
  • Quick job turnover to meet tight schedules
Finishes Cladding Substrates
Venetian plaster finish Hebel cladding Quick ‘n’ Tuff
Tadelakt finish Lime-based weathered sand finish Fibre cement (blue board)
Dado finish Clear coatings Brick or block walls
Velvet finish Polystyrene cladding High density expanded polystyrene
Roll-on textured finish Cement sheet cladding Hebel panels or blocks
Trowel on sand finish Polystyrene
Trowel on scratch finish
Acrylic roll-on sand finish
Roll-on medium and coarse finishes
Coloured texture finish

So much more than renderers

Specialist trade teams - more than rendering

Talk to other rendering companies and they’ll tell you they do more than rendering. Yet would you ask a plumber to paint your walls? We do more than rendering too - but we’ve put together specialist trade teams.

Every function of a job is completed by experienced operators who are skilled in that function.

For example: If your job needs caulking - we call on the guys who do the caulking across all our sites. If your job needs bricklaying, we call on the bricklayers. We don’t call on our renderers to do caulking or bricklaying. Just as we don’t ask our bricklayers to do rendering.

Specialist skills you may find useful in your build include:

Painting of downpipes Sun canopies
Moldings around windows High impact foams
Caulking Waterproofing
Concrete finish Bricklaying
Window shrouds

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