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Safe materials and systems

Safety can mean the difference between a new home as a retreat to can relax in - or a disaster waiting to happen because too many shortcuts were taken on your build.

For example, we have many years of experience in designing and installing the ECOL-MEGA PANELS (AAC) system so it meets the structural requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

To ensure your safety, we take great care to address the important design and construction checks as outlined by the manufacturer.

Safe people and property

It’s often taken for granted. Yet safety can mean the difference between a worker going home to see his wife and kids - or ending up in hospital.

Not working safely can mean getting hauled up and your site shut down if our team don’t do the right thing.

We value our people. Because when their safety is our first priority they can take stay focused giving meticulous care and their full attention toward the project at hand - and best work - to your job.

Our safe practices include:

  • Skills and training: to ensure our team have what they need to do your job safely
  • Safe work method statement (SWMS): to identify and address risks on every job, and set up safety processes
  • Experienced foremen: oversee the safety of multiple teams
  • Site meetings: so every team member knows what’s expected and have the opportunity to ask questions about how to work safely

We ensure staff are trained, authorised and competent to inspect and operate equipment according to manufacturer guidelines.

Our foremen:

  • Meet the builder on every job
  • Spot check the team for safety
  • Have regular toolbox meetings with the team to ensure safety is up to scratch
  • Provide training when needed
  • Deal with on-site safety issues with a methodical process for reporting incidents

It’s never worth taking risks with people and property.

Contact us for more information about our safety processes.

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