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A1 Render Plus

We understand every dollar you save adds up.

For quality builders, it adds up to getting more boys on board to help you get the job done to schedule… Getting waterproofing done properly…Using reliable cladding materials... Hiring an experienced foreman you can trust...  And of course, having a good profit in your pocket at the end of it all is a huge incentive.

For the homeowner, it adds up to getting a bigger new rangehood, better fittings, a slicker marble benchtop, a stunning new deck. Is that how you feel?

That’s why you can expect competitive rates

We offer competitive rates for a high quality job that gives you good value for money.

However we’re not the cheapest, if that’s your biggest priority, we’re not a good fit for you. 

Are you ok with:

  • Cheap grade foam?
  • 1 bag when 3 is needed?
  • Insufficient screws on boards?
  • Insufficient flushings?
  • Mesh left out?
  • 1 coat instead of 2?
  • 1 bucket instead of 2?

Well that’s not how we work. So if you’re after the cheapest renderer, then we are not going to be the right choice for you.

We don’t take shortcuts.
We don’t skimp on quality.
We don’t compromise safety.
We won’t take on a job unless we can do the job well.

We’re not about making a quick buck, never to be seen again - like so many other businesses. We pay our men correctly - because we find if they’re happy, they’ll do a good job for you. Strong, long-lasting business relationships are what we’re after. Based on good pricing and consistent exceptional work. It’s why our customers return to us for their next build. And the one after that.

So much more than renderers

Specialist trade teams - more than rendering

Talk to other rendering companies and they’ll tell you they do more than rendering. Yet would you ask a plumber to paint your walls? We do more than rendering too - but we’ve put together specialist trade teams for specialist jobs such as caulking, window shrouds, and waterproofing.

Who are we?

Over 30 years ago, A1 Render Plus owner Ross learnt all the trade secrets from his dad as an apprentice. On top of rendering, he added bricklaying and hand plastering to his extensive list of skills.

He now leads a team as the foremen to supervise every job, to make sure every job holds up to the old-school high standards that aren’t so common these days in most businesses.

Sure, he and the team can do the basic rendering that complete homes quickly at affordable prices for the average homeowner. And you can bet they’ll do it better than the average renderer you’ll find on a Google search.

However you’ll definitely notice the difference when you put the team to work on a high-value home where the owners demand something unique - where the tiniest details are noticed. That’s when you’d ask for A1 Render Plus premium services. You won’t be disappointed:

  • Perfectly straight, clean rendering (hand screened)
  • Glass finishes
  • Hard plastering
  • Artistic, natural, high-grade finishes (such as the Giorgio Graesan range)


  • Codemark certificates    (10-year warranty)
  • Competitive rates
  • Schedules met
  • Manpower

  • Problem solving
  • Reliable team
  • Good substrates
  • Full insurance
  • Proper job

If you’re after a high quality rendering service at competitive rates, done efficiently as to not waste your time, contact us to see if we’re a good fit.

Our promise: Once you get A1 started, we’ll always be doing business.

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