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Rendering Melbourne

Reliable and skilled rendering for large and small jobs

  • Competitive rates so you get value for money
  • Experienced renderers who’ll get the job done quickly
  • Established business you can count on - years after job completion

Whether your job is a 70 apartment a 3 storey building, or just a single storey home, we can help you with a reliable rendering Melbourne service.

Rendering and texture services

We offer a wide range of rendering and texture related services to suit both small and large jobs:

  • Design advice
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Repairs (Render repairs, architectural moulding repairs)
  • Maintenance
  • Render and texture services

Render and texture options

Choose from a range of render and texture options:

  • Acrylic rendering
  • House rendering (internal and external walls)
  • Traditional stucco
  • Commercial rendering
  • Solid plastering
  • White set hard plaster application
  • Architectural mouldings

Finishes Cladding Substrates
Venetian plaster finish Hebel cladding Quick ‘n’ Tuff
Tadelakt finish Polystyrene cladding Fibre cement (blue board)
Dado finish Cement sheet cladding Brick or block walls
Velvet finish High density expanded polystyrene
Roll-on textured finish Hebel panels or blocks
Trowel on sand finish Polystyrene
Trowel on scratch finish
Acrylic roll-on sand finish
Roll-on medium and coarse finishes
Coloured texture finish
Lime-based weathered sand finish
Clear coatings

Cladding system

Are you looking for a system that’s?

  • Cost effective so it’ll work with your budget
  • Quicker to set up than brickwork to ensure your tight timelines are met
  • Looks great when rendered
  • Energy-efficient for a comfortable home that’s affordable to run

What’s more we have the skills to help you design and install it. And the best part is you’ll be covered by a 10-year warranty.

We have a strong relationship with the manufacturer - which means you won’t have to waste time following up with them yourself if you come across any problems during testing, if materials fail, or you discover a design fault after installation.
It doesn’t happen often, but whatever the situation - we’ll quickly take care of it for you.

We can help you with that

We use ECOL-MEGA PANELS (AAC) - a system of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete used for external and internal wall cladding panels.

High pressure is applied to lime, cement, fine sand, and filler materials to create small, uniformly distributed bubbles.

What you get is a system that’s:

  • Lightweight
  • High thermal resistance
  • Workability

  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Reliable

Why choose us for rendering Melbourne homes?


A1 Render Plus owner Ross has over 30 years of experience in rendering. He leads a team that includes skilled foremen who make sure every job holds up to old-school high standards you won’t see from the average renderer.

And when you happen to have a high-value home where the owners demand something unique - where the tiniest details are noticed, you can offer them premium services, such as:

  • Perfectly straight, clean rendering (hand screeded)
  • Glass finishes
  • Hard plastering
  • Artistic, natural, high-grade finishes (such as our Giorgio Graesan range)


Whatever the size of your job, from a 70-apartment, 3-storey building, to a single storey home, we can handle it.


Need a team at short notice? No worries. We’ll quickly send out a reliable, experienced team to take care of all your rendering needs.

Quality assurance

Expect our foremen to regularly visit your site to ensure you receive the highest quality of work, care, and efficiency.

Meet your schedule

Building projects are on tight schedules. Any blowout can cost you time, money, and stress. We’re known for being efficient yet thorough. So you stick to your schedule - and budget.

Fully insured

We have fully public liability insurance for your peace of mind. What’s more, we take safety seriously: all jobs comply with safe work practices. 

Problem solvers

If there’s a problem, we can fix it. You call us for rendering - yet our knowledge and skills extend far beyond rendering. We’re known for our knack in solving problems - that’s why many builders come to us for advice. And return to us for their next job. 

Competitive rates

We offer competitive rates for a high quality job that gives you good value for money.

We understand every dollar you save means a new rangehood, better fittings, a marble benchtop, a new deck…

It’s why our rates are competitive. We're not the absolute cheapest, but because if that’s your biggest priority, we’re not a good fit for you. We'd prefer to focus on quality in order to insure satisfaction.

Strong, long-lasting business relationships are what we’re after.

We don’t take shortcuts.

We don’t skimp on quality.

We don’t compromise safety.

We won’t take on a job unless we can do the job well.

We base our business on good pricing and exceptional work. It’s why our customers return to us for their next build. And the one after that.

So much more than renderers

Specialist trade teams - more than rendering

Talk to other rendering companies and they’ll tell you they do more than rendering. Yet would you ask a plumber to paint your walls? We do more than rendering too - but we’ve put together specialist trade teams.

Rendering Melbourne

  • Competitive rates for quality work
  • Manpower for large jobs
  • 10-year-warranty with Codemark certificates

Specialist skills you may find useful in your build include:

  • Painting of downpipes
  • Moldings around windows
  • Caulking
  • Concrete finish
  • Window shrouds
  • Sun canopies
  • High impact foams
  • Waterproofing
  • Bricklaying

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